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The announcement of changes to the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) elevator certificate by Commissioner Dobson was alarming. While much of the focus has been on the photo, I’m more concerned with the change in language about inspections.


It was reported that Commissioner Dobson wanted the design change to clarify that elevator inspections are “in effect until the next periodic inspection.”


What does that mean? 


Elevator inspections, just like numerous other machines, have set schedules for many reasons. The main reason is safety.


My concern is that the NCDOL may be lowering public safety expectations just months after Commissioner Dobson said the department was unable to hire and retain elevator inspectors. It was reported that over 5,000 elevators across the state are running without having been recently inspected.


While my top priority on day one will be filling the nearly 25% of elevator inspector positions that are currently unfilled, there is no doubt that NCDOL Elevator inspection certificates work well as a familiar interface between the public and the government that serves them. I believe there are ways to improve the design of the elevator certificates to amplify how the NCDOL interacts with the public. I look forward to sharing some ideas as the campaign progresses.



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